Superhero Puppet Film!

We’re happy to finally share the film made by the amazing and imaginative guys and girls who came along to our Superhero Puppet Making Workshop at the Bath Comic and Sci Fi Weekender on Saturday. Featuring superhero puppets all made from scratch, it’s a hilarious watch – enjoy!

The Summer of Sol at the Bath Comic and Sci-Fi Weekender

We performed our first shadow puppetry piece at the Bath Comic and Sci-Fi Weekender on the Saturday just gone! The show went down a treat, and we even had a few pictures taken -


Featuring handmade puppets, screens, shadow props and scenery, and an atmospheric and ambient soundtrack – the performance takes you through the journey of a human called Summer, and her plight to help the Roman gods of old (Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury) defeat the evil force Nox, who is threatening the balance of the world by attempting to destroy the sun and cast the world into darkness.


The show took place at the Bath Comic and Sci-Fi Weekender -

We are so happy that we can now have shadow puppetry added to our repertoire, and we are sure its a format that we will continue to feature into the future.

Thanks and see you soon! :)

Introducing : The Summer of Sol

Hello and welcome!

We’re happy to announce that Flutterby Theatre are performing their latest story at Bath’s Comic and Sci-Fi Weekender on Saturday the 28th September – The Summer of Sol.

The tale is our first exclusive shadow puppetry piece, and we’re really excited to show it to you!

A little excerpt…

‘Welcome to BA1, the year is 3983, the 40th century. Our tale is set in a region that has had many names over the Millenia. In the 21st century – the electronic era – it was known as Bath. Before even then, in the 1st century, it was known as Aqua Suils, at the height of the Roman empire. Today, BA1 is a popular residence for the elderly…’

The show revolves around the Forces Of The Solar System – you may have heard of them before in the form of the Old Roman Gods or the Planets. The story is about an evil force Nox, who wants to destroy the sun. Old members of The Forces: Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury, with the help of a human called Summer, go on a journey to seek out the force of the sun, Sol, bring Nox to justice and save the world!


Join us on Saturday the 28th of September to see the show at 2.15pm, and perhaps even partake in our superhero puppet making workshops (3.15pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday). The Bath Comic and Sci-Fi Weekender event is taking place at the Masonic Building on Old Orchard Street in Bath.

Take a peek at their website for more info, and to get a ticket!